Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mission Accomplished - 8/30

I got my art/playroom cleaned up!  I was up till 4:30 this morning with a sick dog, so took advantage of times when she was outside to get things in order.  And today I sat down and did a page in my art journal.  I used markers and watercolor pencils (Derwent Inktense) and pens, and I doodled.  That's all!  I didn't even try out my Dylusions (maybe tomorrow)!  I got so caught up with just creating something that I just went with it and this is what came out.....I don't know why - it just did.   But I love that it's so colourful!  I don't know where it came from because it's so far from what I intended to do, but I love it anyway because it wasn't forced - it just happened.  Not from a course or program I'm involved in, just sheer, go-with-it fun.

I threw a party in my art journal !
It was a really rainy day today, and I took advantage of it this morning.  I love the rain, and I took my camera, my journal and my current book, Journal Fodder 365, which I'm really enjoying, and went out on the verandah to enjoy the sights and sounds.  I stayed there for two hours, did my morning pages, read another chapter in the book and took a couple of photos, which are below.  It was wonderful.  In spite of being dead tired, I managed to get myself present and enjoy the moment, which is a nice change for me lately. 


Hydrangea blooming
 Hope you all had a good day as well.  Sweet dreams!


  1. You leveraged your time nicely, caring for a sick pooch, cleaning, creating and enjoying a bit of Nature too. Nicely done!