Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cleanup Day Tomorrow! 7/30

My studio/art room/playroom - is 50 shades of messed up.  I can hardly get in the door.  When I came here, I turned my aunt's den (not really, just a tiny room off the living room that everyone called "the den") into my own workspace.  I gradually transferred most of my art supplies here from home, and have accumulated many more since last October.  It's been a month since I last went on a cleaning spree in there, and I've used it as a dumping ground for my stuff.  .I have to put some order back in there if I'm ever going to get back to art journaling.

No more photos until I've got a brand new art journal spread (or at least a page) to post.  I've been itching to try out my Dylusion sprays, so tomorrow's the day.  I'll be back tomorrow night to post the results.

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  1. Oh boy do I know how this story plays out,,,,,I just got back to Texas from Iowa where I loaded up all my art supplies and sewing supplies and moved them down here. When I got back home we just opened the back of the trailer and unloaded it all into the garage and that drove my OCD son-in-love nuts so we then moved it into my "room" which will be mostly a crafting space with a bed for night time use and in the daytime a place for the grandkids to congregate and ask their nana a million questions which I will happily answer. This is what will be on my agenda for the next couple days, weeks, or whatever. Can't wait to see your page.