Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blog Along With Effy - Day 6 - I'm Suffering from Dylusions!!!

I'm beside myself with glee!  I received a package today from Artist Cellar containing.....wait for it......my LONG awaited Dylusions sprays!!!!  I'm so stoked to get using them after watching Effy all this time, that I just want to spray anything in sight to try them out....but I can't. 

This day has been crazy mad.  Dog had two appointments four hours apart, and I had a list a mile long of errands to run and things to get in between appointments.  Then I had a festival dinner to go to with my BFF.  It was a great dinner, but we waaay overate.. 

Now I'm home and doing my blog post, and I've watched my aunt's tv shows with her, and I'm dying to get at a project, but alas, it'll have to wait till tomorrow.  I'm so tired, I've got to go to bed so I'll be present and coherent when I break into those sprays  in the morning.
Hope you had a great day!  Night all!

My Preciousssss!

OMG!  My workspace is a mess, and you can't see the worst of it!  Gotta get it ready to work with those sprays

Doodling in my Morning Pages....

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