Monday, 17 February 2014

Why Rumblestrip?

Rumble strip - noun - a set of grooves along the edge of a highway or across a road that cause noise and shaking when they are driven over and that are used to warn drivers that they need to slow down or are too close to the edge of the road

In case anyone should find my blog and wonder why I named it Rumblestrip, the definition above may help.  I read an article by Martha Beck a while back, in "O" magazine, where she referred to hitting a rough patch in life as a rumble strip, and it struck a chord with me that has remained since.   I've hit the rumble strip more times than I can count.  The important thing is to get back on the road and not end up in the ditch...or worse.  Hence the name of my blog.  For me it's a perfect fit.

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