Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moonshine Boot Camp - Sketching Practice

Hi, all.  I know the previous entry shows it was posted today, but it was actually done a few days ago.  I just forgot to hit "Publish" bad.  Sorry about that.

The Week 2 Book of Days lesson is out, but I saw that there was a portrait on it, so I've decided to do some sketching practice before tackling this one.   Both Book of Days Boot Camp and Moonshine have face-drawing lessons to help us learn to draw stylized (not the same as sketching a real person) portraits for our purposes as art journalers and/or mixed media artists.  Tamara Laporte of Willowing (.ning) also offers an awesome class called Fabulous Faces, which is very helpful and fun.

So, I've done three sketches so far, which I'm posting here to record my progress.  Keep in mind that before I started art journaling with Effy and eventually took Fabulous Faces with Tam,  I couldn't draw a 'happy face' properly (you know, the little yellow, moon-faced guy, now of Emoticon fame), so these aren't perfect, but they sure are better than what I started with.  I love them.

I'm pretty happy with them, all in all, because I know if I keep practicing they'll get better, and the more of them I do, the more I'll have to use in future art journal spreads.  It's nice to know they can be used that way.

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