Sunday, 27 January 2013

Getting Off The Ground

It seems like I've been trying to start a blog forever, waiting for takeoff.  I started with ThoughtJamVillage, which never got off the ground.  I neglected it totally despite good intentions, but this past year and a half has been just too busy and stressful, and my time too fragmented to be able to get it up and running.  Family comes first and we've been through a lot....we're still going through a lot.  I'm back now, however, and determined to establish a blog where I can regurgitate all the "stuff" I'm working through and all the new "stuff" I'm learning.  RUMBLESTRIP came from a wonderful article by Martha Beck in a recent issue of "O" magazine.  I like the magazine but I have to say I buy it primarily because I love Martha Beck.  She has a way of getting down to the nitty gritty that speaks to me in a BIG way.  Her advice is always dead on and I feel like she's written almost every article specifically for me.  That makes her special in my book.  We all hit the rumblestrip occasionally in life - some of us a lot more than others, and my life has been one continuous rumblestrip now for about six to ten years.  I won't go into it, but I'm sure bits and pieces will come up here and there as time goes on.  So Rumblestrip it is.

So here I on a blogging journey which will take me....who knows where....?  Please feel free to comment and share your rumblestrips and/or wild adventures if you should drop by.

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